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I would present you with the list of keywords based on two categories; Industry Search Related Keywords & Competitor Keywords.


Main task, my whole success jagron is this Planning the Right Strategy & Execution.


I work to please Google GODS first then anything else & infact this is why my main forte is SEO.


Not just the Google Analytics Reports that shows no. of sessions & traffic.


SEO in 5 years

Some say “Yes” to that question and others say “No”. But then again, who is right? Well, let’s put it this way, with all of the things happening on the Internet right now, there has never been a better time to have an edge over your competition.

It is also important to remember that as we get closer to the end of the decade that the amount of focus, time and energy that goes into the development of search engine optimization is going to increase. The next 5 years are not going to be like the last five.

Will SEO exist in 5 years is a legitimate question for many reasons. You have Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. These are the three biggest names in search engine optimization and they are all pushing forward with their own search engine optimization strategies. This is going to be an interesting time for SEO in the next few years.

There are so many companies that offer SEO services today. There are also so many different types of optimization that you can use. This can cause some confusion for a lot of people. So, lets take a look at what you can expect from SEO in the next five years.

SEO is one of the easiest forms of advertising you can do. It will be more effective than any form of traditional marketing that has ever existed in the past and the future is only bound to show how effective this form of advertising will be in the future.

Google is always going to be there and it is very difficult to compete with them on the search engine front. As we move into the next five years, you will see some changes in the search engine algorithms that will take the current ranking of the top 10 websites and add some extra points. This will not happen overnight and it will not happen because Google has been working on this for the last several years.

The search engines are always going to be watching the web and keeping tabs on all of the changes. You need to have the proper tools in place to make sure that your website has the best chance of staying on top in the near future.

It is important to realize that SEO is not just about using keywords and using them to rank high on the search engines. There are a lot of other things that have to be done to get the traffic and it takes time to accomplish them. It is a very slow process and you have to know what to expect.

As the search engines continue to get smarter and keep up on what is happening on the web, there is a good chance that some of the techniques and strategies that you may be using now will no longer be useful in the future. What I am talking about is using techniques such as link building and social bookmarking. These are not going to be in use and you will have to use these methods to stay competitive.

When you hire SEO specialists to do your marketing for you, there is a good chance that you will be able to use some of their methods to your advantage. These methods will be more focused and they will work in a more efficient way. and you will be able to find new ways to market your website.

It is important to remember that when you hire SEO experts for your marketing, you are going to need them to focus on keyword research and use them to the fullest. The keywords that they use should be the keywords that you are using to advertise your site or blog. Make sure that the keywords are the right keywords for the area that you are promoting your site.

Using the correct keywords will help you rank higher in the search engines. The more keywords that you use to promote your site will result in more visitors and more traffic on your website.

Does SEO have a future

Does SEO have a future? While the idea of a search engine optimization company is new, the industry is growing as people become increasingly aware of how important it is to promote websites. In fact, people often believe that having SEO done for a website is all you need to get ranked well with search engines.

However, there are a number of things you can do to boost the rankings of your site. These things include using keywords that will bring targeted traffic to your site, and having strong backing from other sites that are ranking well.

The idea of SEO was first developed to help businesses improve the rankings of their websites in search engines. Today, SEO has taken on a whole new meaning in helping companies increase sales and get their businesses noticed.

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, which stands for making sure that your site ranks well with search engines for certain keywords. There are different algorithms used by search engines to rank websites, and one of them is called the Meta tags. This is what describes your site in a search engine’s results page, or SERP.

A meta tag should be short and precise. When keywords appear in this area, a visitor will be able to quickly tell if the site has been optimized for a certain term.

A good SEO company will also have a system that allows them to create backlinks to other sites. This ensures that your website gets seen as frequently as possible and will attract more visitors who might not otherwise find your site.

It is important to note that not all websites can benefit from the services of an SEO company. However, there are some basic requirements that you will have to meet in order for you to use this method.

You will want to be consistent with your search engine optimization efforts, and you will also want to make sure that your site is easy for search engines to index. For example, if your site contains images or graphics, then you will want to have the ability to quickly find these.

A good SEO company should also have a good system that allows them to easily generate backlinks. Backlinks are basically links that are directed back to a particular website from another. You will need to submit these to various directories that are part of the larger Internet landscape.

This is a very effective way to increase your site’s link popularity. It also allows your website to show up on the first page of search results.

It is important to understand that the higher up in the search engine rankings of your site is, the more people will see it, and the more likely they will click on your site. when they search for a specific keyword.

To gain a lot of attention, make sure that you have a site that contains high quality content, and that the content is relevant to the search engines. Once you have your website ranked well, make sure to constantly optimize it so that your site is seen and indexed by search engines.

A good SEO company will not only provide search engine optimization services, but they will also work with you to ensure that your site is on the first page of search results for a wide range of terms. This will keep your customers coming back for more.

A good SEO company will help you optimize your website to help it be as user friendly as possible. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate, and that your keywords are used throughout the entire site.

Make sure that your website is easy to update. When you make changes, make sure that you test different changes and then make adjustments to your site to ensure that it looks fresh and professional.

As you can see, having a website does not have to be expensive or complicated. A good SEO firm can help you make your site the best it can be. and help you achieve the success you want.

Does SEO Still Works?

Do you really believe that SEO works? You are probably one of the many thousands of website owners out there asking yourself this question, “Does SEO Really Work?”

We all want our sites to get high rankings for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. but only saying that it does not make much of a difference on its own, right? So, in this article, we are going to delve into the reasons why SEO can still be successful and why some SEO techniques can actually be more lucrative for your business.

There is no question that the first step to getting listed on a search engine is having a website, but what happens after that is the subject of the next few parts of this series, namely, search engine optimization techniques and web traffic generation. Once you have that all set up, then you should always do everything in your power to keep it updated and optimized for the search engines, so you can get higher rankings for your site.

Let’s start with Google. They have been known to have some major changes over the years, so your rankings will change from time to time. Google is also notorious for not updating their rankings on a regular basis. This has led to some websites suffering from the search engine penalization, as well as a loss of customers to the competitor.

In addition, SEO works best when done with a lot of patience. It takes several months for a website to be listed and ranked at the top of Google searches, so it takes a very long time to see results. But, if you put your efforts into optimizing the site on a daily basis, you should see good results from it within weeks and months.

And lastly, web traffic generation. When people visit your website, they should be attracted to your content, as well as the site itself, and hopefully buy something or sign up for a newsletter. If they find a product, that they would like to try, you want to give them information on how to order, where to order, and more.

Online sales are another important factor, which most online businesses have overlooked. And although the competition online is fierce, it is never impossible to compete with other local stores if you have to do everything yourself, which is not an option. Local businesses, even those that are on the same page, can help you gain additional customers if you promote a local business directory. {which is basically a directory of products and services available locally, which has a better chance of being listed on the top ranking pages of the search engines, especially for the keywords that you are targeting. This way you can have more potential customers from your area that will help your website grow.

So, does SEO still work? It is hard to say with certainty, but I am sure that we can all agree that it can help to bring more traffic to your website.

Some people say that Google still has not found an effective way to rank a website, because they have yet to find a way to replace the SEO that is currently in place. While it is true that there are a number of SEO experts that are helping to create new solutions for ranking websites, none of them are successful. In addition, new search engines are developing every day that will replace the current ranking system. And for some reasons, you can’t count on Google.

This is a great question. There are some people that feel that they are the best solution out there, but they are also one of the biggest factors that can affect your rankings. if you aren’t careful.

In this case, it appears that Google still has one of the highest quality methods, but is not really a guarantee that your website will rise through the ranks quickly. There is no guarantee that it will make you money overnight, either. But if you take the time to optimize your website properly, you should see a noticeable difference over time.

Overall, it seems that SEO is here to stay, as long as people are looking for what they are looking for on the internet. But in order to truly determine how effective it is, you need to take the time to implement the techniques that will help your website rank higher.

Basics of SEO

Many people are under the impression that when they look for information about basics of SEO they are looking at basic guidelines for those that want to be successful in this field. In reality, this article will discuss the basic principles that every Internet marketer should keep in mind when learning about how to optimize their website and Internet presence for search engine optimization.

The first thing that an Internet marketer should know is that the purpose of Search Engines is to provide people with a place to find the best products and services available in the marketplace. Therefore, when you are trying to increase your traffic to your website, you have to make sure that your site is properly optimized for the search engines. It is important that your site is visible on all of the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, and so forth, so that the search engines can find you easily.

There are several different ways in which an Internet marketer can increase the visibility of their site and increase the number of searches that are conducted each day. For example, the most common method of increasing the visibility of a website is by making changes to the design and appearance of the website itself. You can do this by adding keywords, meta tags, or keywords in the content of the website itself. If you want to make the most out of this strategy then you have to consider hiring the services of an SEO expert to make the necessary changes.

Another way that you can increase the visibility of your website is to hire a firm that specializes in SEO for your business. You can hire this type of company because they will be familiar with the various methods of SEO that will make your site more visible to search engines. They will also be aware of how to make your site appear in the results pages for each of the major search engines, making your site more visible to the search engine users who are searching for specific items on the Internet. Therefore, if you are looking to increase your traffic to your site, then you have to make sure that you hire a company that specializes in SEO for your business.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind when you are looking for tips on how to increase the visibility of your site is to learn about how to build links to your site from other sites that are related to yours. This is important because it will help to improve the ranking of your site and increase your traffic to it. As you will find out later in this article, building back links is the foundation for Internet marketing.

In order to learn the various link building techniques that are available, you will have to hire a company that specializes in link building techniques. They will know just about all of the various link building techniques that are available so that you can use them to maximize the number of links that you can create and increase the traffic to your site.

When you are trying to learn how to improve the visibility of your site, then you should also be sure that you are using the most effective techniques that are available in order to gain as much traffic to your site as possible. Therefore, you must find a company that specializes in SEO for your business so that they can help you make the most of your Internet presence.

You will find many different techniques that can be used to improve your Internet presence, but these are some of the most commonly used techniques that you have to remember when looking for tips on how to optimize your website. All of the techniques mentioned above are easy to use, but you must remember that you must use them in a proper way to ensure that you are increasing the traffic to your site so that you can gain as much profit as possible. In addition, you have to learn to use these techniques properly in order to maximize your website’s effectiveness in order to attract the maximum amount of visitors to your site.

Is Blogging Dead?

Is blogging dead? The answer is no, not entirely. Blogs are alive and well on the Internet but they are not as popular as they once were. And the fact is, the future of blogging is less clear than many make it out to be.

Is blogging dead? The answer to this question depends upon what you mean by the term “blogging.” There is a huge debate between those who want to define blogging in terms of individual websites and those who prefer to define it in terms of the social networking websites that were introduced around ten years ago. Many people would define blogging simply as individual blogs; they use them for fun and for personal reasons.

The social networking websites are a little different. If you use a social networking website, such as Facebook or Twitter, you are probably using a blog. There are many different ways to describe blogging, and many people believe that there is a great difference between the types of blogs and the number of users. A blogger using MySpace or Friendster may be using a social networking website to create an online presence, but it is also possible that he or she is blogging about his or her own experiences.

Blogger is one of the largest and most popular social networking websites. This website is particularly popular among bloggers, as it allows bloggers to publish blogs on their own accounts. This type of blogging, while not as popular as some other types of blogs, is the most popular among bloggers today.

There is some debate about whether the Internet will ever become a true online community. In particular, people question the ability of the Internet to provide the same amount of support to its members that it does to individuals. If you look at forums on the Internet, they are often populated with people who live in different places. In addition, a number of people from different countries have traveled to each other’s countries to live and study.

Some people, however, say that the Internet provides the support that is needed to maintain a strong social networking community. It allows people to interact with others from around the world and it has helped to bring many people together through the power of the Web. The Internet is also helping to replace traditional forms of media such as television and radio, which were once very popular.

One group of people wonder if blogging will replace the role that traditional media plays on the Internet. Some analysts believe that in time, blogs will become the media that is most common. In other words, blogs may act as a replacement for newspapers, magazines, and even television. Others believe that blogging will be a permanent part of the Internet, helping to fill in some of the gaps left by those media. Others still fear that blogging will fail because people are losing their interest in reading the news.

Whatever you think about blogging, it is safe to say that many people are concerned about the future of blogging on the Internet. There are many reasons to be concerned, but no matter what your answer is, it is likely to remain alive and well as long as the Internet continues to grow and evolve.

People are starting to recognize the value of blogs as one of the major things about the Internet. The ability to communicate information, as well as the ability to build networks of people who can discuss issues and share information about their lives, is one of the most important reasons for concern.

With so many people involved in social networking, it is important to make sure that this network is not only growing but growing in a healthy way. The Internet allows people to connect with others who share the same interests. and beliefs. When the Internet becomes a primary way of communication between people, this type of interaction is inevitable.

If you are worried about the future of blogging, then it is important to remember that most of these concerns will die out as the Internet grows and evolves. The Internet will probably never completely replace traditional media, but it is important to remember that many people are concerned about the potential for the Internet to replace the newspaper and television.


The proof is in the pudd..errr Google search results 😉

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