NFL Regular Season Week 2

NFL Regular Season Week 2 Story

The first highlight of Week two is the match-up between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys.  Typically these two teams play towards the end of the season with hopes of a division rivalry game that also has playoff implications.  The past few years however, the NFC East tallied up wins only when they played themselves but couldn’t get an out of division “W” before week 6.  This display of mediocrity offers a NFL Wildcard Playoff birth to a 7-9 or 8-8 team while 9-7 teams aren’t able to make the playoffs.  Needless to say, regardless of what the Cowboys or the Redskins look like on paper, anything can happen when these two take the field.

Josh Norman did a great job last week hiding from Antonio Brown by staying on one side of the field allowing the Steelers too easily avoid the match-up.  There can only be few NFL mega-million superstar contracts awarded to key players on a team due to the salary cap so Norman better be covering Dez Bryant this Sunday.  Another player to watch will be RB Alfred Morris as he will attempt to hit another “home run” in Landover, MD but this time for the opposing team.  I think Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot will be the winning combination over a struggling Kirk Cousins and a 80% healthy Matt Jones.  The Redskins management has to be celebrating the decision to put the Franchise Tag on Cousins instead of signing him to a long term deal right now as he is living up the slogan, “one hit wonder.”

Was anybody shocked at the news of RGIII fracturing his coracoid bone in week 1?  That had to be one of the most predictable injuries next to Tony Romo‘s back leaving both fragile Quarterbacks as the highest paid NFL cheerleaders for the next 8 weeks.  At least Cleveland Brown fans have a little bit of hope that he’s escaping his nickname RGKnee however he’s finding other reckless ways to let his team down.  The Browns are now starting their 26th Quarterback since 1995.  Maybe the bubble wrap isn’t such a bad idea after all or it’s time to hang the cleats up for both of these former competitors.

After watching all four episodes of HBO’s Hard Knocks, I began to feel a gravitational pull towards the LA Rams.  Coach Jeff Fisher had be believing that he wasn’t putting up with 7-9 bullshit this year and now I’m thinking that the Rams may be lucky to see 4-12.  How do you get completely shut down on your Monday Night debut against the 49ers with the world watching?  Another interesting story is the number one pick in the NFL draft, Jared Goff doesn’t even have a Rams uniform on during the first game of the season.  I understand he’s only 21 years of age and has a lot of learning to do but if the Rams get blown out again this week in LA, nobody is going to the games anyways.

Last week was one of the most unbelievable streaks of bad luck and was almost impossible to foresee.   Out of the 15 games that I placed my predictions on, 6 out of 11 bets actually were correct.  This would be equivalent to a broken kneecap or collarbone for such a laps in judgement.  Literally after the first games on Sunday were played, I thought maybe I wouldn’t have picked a single game correct.  Luckily a few games paid off and came through so it wasn’t a complete blood bath but there’s always week 2 for a comeback.  See below for my Rainmaker’s NFL Week 2 picks and I hope that you’re able to take advantage of them.

NFL Week 2 Rainmaker Picks on the Vegas Lines

1. Take Buffalo +1 against the Jets (take the under 40.5)
2. Take Detroit -6 against the Titans (take the over 47)
3. Take Kansas City +2.5 against Houston (take the under 43.5)
4. Take the Patriots -6.5 against Miami (take the over 42.5)
5. Take Baltimore -6.5 against the Browns (take the under 42.5)
6. Take Pittsburgh -3.5 against the Bengals (take the over 48.5)
7. Take Washington -2.5 against the Cowboys (take the under 45.5)
8. Take New Orleans +5 against the Giants (take the under 52.5)
9. Take San Francisco +13.5 against the Panthers (take the under 45)
10. Take Tampa Bay +6.5 against the Cardinals (take over 50)
11. Take Seattle -6.5 against the Rams (take under 38.5)
12. Take Indianapolis +6 over the Broncos (take the Colts even up) (take the over 46)
13. Take Oakland -5 against the Falcons (take the under 49.5)
14. Take Jacksonville +3 against the Chargers (take the under 47)
15. Take Green Bay -2.5 against the Vikings (take the over 44)
16. Take Philadelphia +3 against the Bears (take the under 42.5)

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