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Lighting By Veterans / Make It Rain Marketing

It's been a great year so far in 2016 so let's end with the best Christmas and New Years possible.  This year Santa Claus will be bringing down presents for new family members and new additions to our family.  For this reason and for the same reasons that we have always made the holidays special for our loved ones, let's get our holiday decorations up early!  On behalf of Lighting By Veterans staff and management, they want to wish you the best Christmas and New Years that you've ever had.


When it comes to having a professional service hang your Christmas lights, it's important to remember a few little things.  The obvious one is Thanksgiving is the heart of the season and having your installation date around that holiday will be more expensive than getting your decorations installed the first week of November.  The second point that we'd like to make is when you're paying by the foot for your lighting, windows archways and other areas are possible compared to traditional store bought string lighting.  Make sure you call the professionals at LBV to get a free consultation / estimate so you can make sure your home is looking the best on the block.


Make It Rain Marketing has taken the SEO and Internet Marketing project for Lighting By Veterans this season and is looking forward to another successful season of a "Google First Page" internet presence for our client.  This means we will "Make it Rain" for LBV and will also "Make it Rain" for your band, product, event or company as well.  Give LBV a call at 469-269-2838 (AVET) for more information or to get on the 2016 Christmas Light Installation schedule or visit them online at #LBVets