Collin Kaeprenick stand up for Black People by disrespecting the United States of America

The NFL is a role model business for equality and equal rights as the best player is on the field. This decision is based off of talent, skill and the unique God given ability that separates a player from their competition. A position or place on the field has nothing to do with your ethnicity, gender, origin or any other typical discriminating factors. Even “Superstars” who have been leading the league for years can find the bench from bad games or after suffer injuries while the next man who has been salivating for their spot is ready to take over!

NFL players bear the fruit that people dream of having and accomplishing however it doesn’t come without hard work. Most players have graduated from college with scholarships which is another accomplishment that some Americans dream of achieving. The amount of gratitude towards our God and our great Country for making this NFL experience possible should be overwhelming for a player. That’s the reason why I’m still scratching my head after the San Francisco 49ers QB Collin Kaepernick didn’t think it was important to stand up for our National Anthem.

Football is usually considered to be soccer in other countries as they call our sport “American Football”. With that being said, it’s pretty disgraceful how someone could actually be living the “American Dream” of playing in the NFL and not have enough respect for our country to stand up during our National Anthem. Think about the fans in the seats of the stadium who stand up for our National Anthem or in other sports like Hockey where you stand for the other countries National Anthem also out of respect. Unfortunately Collin Kaepernick completely disregarded the fact that many people gave their life to preserve this “Anything is Possible” platform that currently has an African American President in the White House.

“If you don’t want to stand up for our country and show some respect, than you deserve an ass kicking and a one way ticket to the country you think is so much better.” -The Rainmaker

The NFL Network reported before the season started that Kaeprenick was going to be traded and the 49ers were shopping around for the best deal. They mentioned that he would receive a substantial amount of money for just showing up to mini-camps but it would be awkward for the rest of the team who knew he would be gone. Obviously his 13 million dollar guaranteed salary doesn’t make sense for a backup player and his performance on the field has been less than stellar. Now Kaeprenick can say that he was released from the team because of his unpatriotic stance towards our racist country. How close am I to the truth?

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